The Secret To “Thug” Rose’s Success Revealed In New Video

Rose Namajunas shocked the world when she finished formerly undefeated women’s UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk back at UFC 217. Now a video of Namajunas’s unique training style that led to her championship victory has made its way onto the internet.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk garnered a stunning record of 14-0 in the sport of mixed martial arts before facing off against Rose Namajunas at UFC 217. However, Namajunas made short work of her opponent.

The fighter locked in a title earning TKO victory within the first round, immediately placing Namajunas in the conversation as one of the UFC’s most impressive strawweight warriors to date.

In a recent interview, Rose Namajunas broke down one of her unique training methods that she returns to camp after camp. For the new strawweight champion, playing with her dog can be an excellent form of cardio.

“Like one training camp where I fought Paige (VanZant), literally for a conditioning excersize, I would chase my dog for like five five minute rounds.” Namajunas said. “Because, she’s the fastest thing ever. I couldn’t chase catch her.”

“It shouldn’t be a miserable thing.” The fighter continued. “Training camps should be hard work, but it should also be fun. Like what the hell am I doing if I’m not having a good time doing what I love to do? Just for money? No, I want to make sure that I’m enjoying myself during these training camps.”

Check out a video of Namajunas training with her dog up above.

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