Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Protege Confirms He’s Ready For a UFC Fight

It would appear that another pugilist phenom is now interested in stepping inside the octagon. This time around, Mayweather Promotion’s own Gervonta Davis has taken to social media to announce his interest in fighting for the UFC.

“I think I want to fight in the UFC,” Davis stated.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken a considerable liking to the pugilist over the years, offering the boxer a place among Mayweather promotions. With “Money” Mayweather having recently hinted to an interest in entering the octagon, it would appear that the list of boxers looking to join the UFC is slowly growing.

UFC’s Sean O’Malley even recently took to Twitter to talk trash with Davis.

“3-4 years I’ll be bustin up @Gervontaa in a super fight. @danawhite @ufc”

Davis would go on to respond:

“3-4 years I be knocking ya ass out if you ever try me”

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