Transgender MMA Fighter Beats Down Male Opponent In Latest MMA Fight

Mixed martial artist Anne Veriato made history over the weekend. Having transitioned from male to female, Veriato faced off against Railson Paixao on Saturday night, March 10. In the end, Veriato earned herself a victory as the first transgender woman to ever defeat a male competitor in mixed martial arts.

The two faced off at Mr. Cage 34 in Manaus, Brazil within the 115 weight class. The fight ultimately went the distance, with Veriato earning a unanimous decision victory over her opponent.

Veriato was an accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner before entering the realm of mixed martial arts. The fighter’s aptitude for grappling proved a crucial role in her MMA debut, as Veriato was seemingly able to get the better of Paixao time and time again on the canvas.

Check out a replay from the intense match up within the video above.

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