Woodley Happy To Have His “Gatekeeper” Handle The Demotion Of Darren Till

With multiple time UFC welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson now set to face off against rising mixed martial arts star Darren Till, reigning champion Tyron Woodley has come forward to offer his thoughts on the matter.

“Wonderboy” Thompson and Darren Till were recently revealed as the headliners for UFC Fight Night 130. The exciting night of fights will go down May 27 inside the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.

Speaking in a recent Q&A on Instagram Live, Tyron Woodley revealed that he does now see any of his title contenders taking out “Wonderboy” anytime soon.

“‘Wonderboy’ the gatekeeper, He’ll do all my light work for me. All the dudes that think they want a shot at the strap, they’ve got to go through him, and ain’t nobody do it yet. I think Thompson (will win) man, to be honest. I know I’ve talked a lot of trash about Thompson, more in light joking. But Thompson is a very difficult puzzle to figure out. And it took me a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of training partners to figure him out.

“I just don’t think Till has what it takes to take him out. With that said, I’ve got to go with ‘Wonderboy,’ even though he’s never said I was going to win a fight. But I’m just going to be a real guy and be honest: I think he’s going to win.”

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