Yves Edwards Leaks Private Text Convo With Schaub After Racial Topics Reemerge

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub first struck some controversy with fight fans after the mixed martial artist criticized the UFC on FOX crew after UFC Fight Night 125, which included Yves Edwards, Karyn Bryant and Tyron Woodley.

Brendan Schaub stated:

“Sometimes you are looking at UFC tonight and you’re like ‘Is that the best panel possible or are you just trying to check off the boxes?’ We get it, UFC Tonight on FOX. You’re not racist. We get it. You have an all black panel.

“Are those the best brains and speakers for the art, to the general audience?”

Yves Edwards would go on to confront the former fighter over social media. Now Edwards has decided to leak the conversation to the world.

“Hey ‘friend’ given this is the entirety of the communication you and I had on this issue show me where I admitted to being “emotional and blah blah blah”…don’t pretend your opinion of me is mine of myself. It makes you look like a self righteous asshole.”

Check it out below:

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