Carlos Condit Offers Himself To Welcome Nick Diaz Back In Rematch

Back in the day, Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz were some of the most fan-favorite welterweights in the sport hands down.

Condit came up under the WEC banner, and he was one of the most highly anticipated UFC crossovers of his day.

Nick Diaz is the elder of the Diaz brothers, and though his younger brother Nate has eclipsed him in popularity, he’s the original.

When these two fought it was a must watch attraction. It ended with Carlos Condit getting his hand raised, but many onlookers thought that Nick Diaz was the rightful winner.

It’s been an MMA debate for years, and now that Nick Diaz is eligible to return to action next week, Carlos Condit wants in.

The former UFC interim welterweight champion in Condit answered questions about a returning Nick Diaz, and more, in the video below.

Here’s his comments: