David Bautista Gets A BJJ Belt Promotion, And His Ceremony Is Frightening

David Bautista has quit the eclectic set of skills. A former WWE superstar, Bautista has gone on to form a stunning career in acting and a budding position as a mixed martial artist. Now the professional wrestler turned actor has earned his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Bautista has been delving in the realm of mixed martial arts ever since his departure from the world of professional wrestling. The former WWE star has made a career out of acting, most notably for his role as Drax in the hit Marvel film series Guardians of the Galaxy.

That being said, Bautista is also a budding mixed martial artist. Training under Cesar Gracie, the former pro-wrestler was recently awarded his purple belt in BJJ. Watch Bautista walk through the gauntlet in his painful belt ceremony within the video above.

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