Derrick Lewis Willing To Be Cut By The UFC If Ngannou Fight Doesn’t Deliver

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis and rising knockout artist Francis Ngannou are set to face off at UFC 226. With the fight now drawing closer, “The Black Beast” has come forward with some heated trash-talk concerning his upcoming opponent.

Speaking on the UFC Undisputed podcast, Lewis revealed that he has no intentions of letting the fight reach a decision.

“The thing about that fight is Stipe could’ve finished that fight a long time ago.”

“The ref should’ve stopped the fight a long time ago when Stipe was on top of him.

“The guy didn’t throw any punches after the second round, he didn’t throw anything else and once Stipe got on top of him and started hitting him, you know, if I was in that same situation, I’m not gonna just pepper shot him, I’m gonna let my full load out on him on his face, no homo.”

“Yes I feel like I match up well. He ain’t gonna have to worry about no takedowns and there ain’t no telling that he ain’t gonna try to take me down.

“I just know that we’re going to swing it out and it’s going to be a good fight.”

“Na, it can’t go bell-to-bell.”

“There ain’t no way. If it goes bell-to-bell then I need to be cut.”

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