Joanna Still Thinks She Beat Rose, Promises Return To World Title By Year’s End

Formerly dominant women’s UFC strawweight champion Jedrzejczyk has found herself on a bit of a losing streak. That being said, the fighter stoutly believes she is still the division’s best competitor.

Rose Namajunas shocked the world when she tore Jedrzejczyk down from her 14-0 undefeated streak for the title back at UFC 217. The mixed martial artist earned a stunning first round TKO for the win, bringing the arena crowd to their feet.

The two mixed martial artists held a rematch at UFC 223, with Namajunas successfully defending her title be earning a unanimous decision victory over the fighter. That being said, Jedrzejczyk has gone on Polish media to reveal that she still believes she is the best the division has to offer.

Beyond that, the fighter claims she will be competing for the title once again by the end of the year. Jedrzejczyk then claimed that her next match up is already in the works.

Check it out within the video above.

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