Khabib Has Fired His Weight Cutting Coach Ahead Of UFC 223

Though it’s been described as “amicable’, Khabib Nurmagomedov let go of his nutritionist, the man responsible for his weight cut, earlier this week, citing a conflict of interest.

That conflict of interest, as it’s being put, is due to the same coach, George Lockhart, also aiding Khabib’s opponent Max Holloway with his preparation through a very tough cut.

According to George Lockhart’s reporting of Max’s weight, Holloway was approximately 186 pounds when he got the call to fight Khabib on six days notice.

With their UFC 223 main event scheduled for the UFC lightweight world title, that means Holloway has to drop 31 pounds in six days.

George Lockhart’s job is to make sure that Max does so with ease, and help make sure Max is performing at 100% on fight night. This obviously doesn’t align with Khabib’s interests.

When asked about leaving Lockhart out of his locker room during his final cut down to 155, Khabib said, “I don’t want to talk bad about anybody … He likes [Max Holloway] more than me.”