New: Translated Version Of Khabib-Lobov Scuffle Released … And It’s Intense

We finally have a translation to the heated scuffle between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Artem Lobov, that took place yesterday at the UFC’s host hotel.

With both fighters being from Russia, this altercation took place entirely in a foreign tongue.

Now we can confirm exactly what was said between these two UFC rivals, and as previously reported, the altercation was all thanks to a recent interview Lobov did with the Russian Media.

In it, Lobov was quoted with stating, em>Khabib pulled out 6 times already. He always pulls out of fights. If something hurts a little bit, his ass or whatever he pulls out. He can’t even make weight. He doesn’t give a shit about his fans, that everyone flew from Russia. Even getting a visa is a pain and travel expenses…, all in order to see him and he doesn’t show up. And it’s not once. Not two, three or four times.. Who is chicken here? Who is afraid? Conor shows up every time no matter what, he’s a true fighter, he’s a true champion. Champion isn’t just a belt around your waist, it’s mentality, it’s your heart. Conor is a real champion and Khabib is not even close.

Did you see Conor pulling out of a fight even once? Everyone has injuries, everyone has problems making weight, but one is a champion and shows up no matter what, and the other one is a coward who pulls out every time.

These remarks sent Khabib over the edge, and resulted in the confrontation that has since gone viral.

The translated version of this scuffle is in the video player above.