Nick Diaz Shares One Of His Most Private Moments With Fight Fans

UFC superstar Nick Diaz has taken to the internet to share a rather unexpected moment with his fight fans.

Diaz is a mixed martial arts veteran. A former champion of Strikeforce and WEC, Diaz has been garnering fight fans since the earliest days of his fighting career.

Inside the octagon, the Stockton native would go on to perform in some of the promotion’s most memorable match ups. Now Diaz is once again eligible to compete, having come off of a year-long suspension after committing an anti-doping policy violation with the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Rumors of Diaz being targeted for a super fight against fellow UFC veteran Michael Bisping quickly began to swirl, but have since begun to die down. Now Diaz has taken to the internet to share a photo of himself inside the bathroom with the world.

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