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Low testosterone is a debilitating burden for many older men. Professional mixed martial artists are no exception. For those in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) used to be a viable way to correct their hormone levels.

TRT use to permissible as a rehabilitative procedure for UFC fighters if prescribed by a medical physician. While TRT may be considered performance enhancing in some cases, the practice offers other uses. Those suffering from Andropause, low testosterone or erectile dysfunction can all benefit from the therapy.

Rampage Jackson

Former UFC light heavyweight champion turned Bellator heavyweight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has put on a storied career within the sport of mixed martial arts. The fighter has faced off against some of the sport’s toughest and most talented competitors through the years.

Jackson is also a former user of TRT. Back when the fighter had a therapeutic use exemption (TUE), “Rampage” revealed that he had no regrets using the substance. The former title holder revealed that he was suffering from low testosterone and that TRT helped him feel young once more.

While TRT can certainly benifit those that play sports for a living, the practice serves other purposes. Top medical facilities such as Atlanta Men’s Clinic foster experts capable of aiding any suffering from symptoms of “Low T” (low testosterone).

Low Testosterone

Aging men often suffer from the condition of low testosterone. As the male body increases in age, the body’s ability to regularly produce viable amounts of sex hormones may decline. Those suffering from the condition may see serious effects.

Low T can lead to increased body fat, hair loss, decreased muscle mass and impotency. However, TRT is a viable respite for many suffering from Low T.

Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing and possibly even frustrating experience. The condition can debilitate one’s sex life, perhaps even dissuade an individual’s social agenda.

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The condition causes men to be unable to maintain an erection long enough for intercourse. Testosterone replacement therapy, however, has proven to be a solution for many suffering from the condition.


Andropause, often referred to as “male menopause,” is the body’s inability to produce male hormones due to aging. Those suffering from the condition may experience tiredness, impotency, depression or weakness. Yet again, TRT is a potential solution for those debilitated by the difficult condition.

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