The Absolute Biggest Mistake In MMA History Just Happened On UFC Fight Pass

Mixed martial arts promotion Alaska Fighting Championship hosted another night of fights on Wednesday, April 18. Now one of the night’s match ups is getting some serious attention after the announcer erroneously revealed the bout’s winner doubly over.

AFC 139 went down in Anchorage, Alaska on Wednesday, offering fight fans a series of interesting match ups broadcast on UFC Fight Pass. Among them, lightweights Elijah Terrell and David Booker went toe-to-toe in a battle for division supremacy.

In the end, Booker earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent. With that in mind, it took the night’s announcer three attempts to properly reveal the match’s victor.

First announcing Booker as the winner by decision, the announcer quickly apologized and claimed Terrell won the fight. After allowing Terrell a moment to celebrate, the announcer once again corrected himself and revealed that Booker had in fact won the match.

Check it out within the video above.

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