“Rowdy” Bec Finally Responds To Last Opponent’s “Raunchy” Diss

Women’s UFC flyweight Bec Rawlings recently receiving some flack from former opponent Ashlee Evans-Smith concerning her use of social media. Now the fighter has decided to retaliate with a message of her own.

In the lead up to Bec Rawlings’ fight against Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC 223, Evans-Smith gave some critical words concerning Rawlings’ social media presence.

Speaking in a recent interview, Evans-Smith referred to Rawlings as “raunchy.”

“Without sounding cocky, I’m shocked that she took the fight against me. She’s coming off of three losses, I’m the bigger, stronger girl.”

“I just don’t like the girl that much at all. She’s a really bad depiction and role model for women’s MMA. She’s raunchy to put it lightly. She uses sexuality way too much. I’ve posted a few risque pictures, but she overdoes it. It’s shocking to me, she has children, too. My nickname is ‘rebel girl,’ and I’d love to cuss all the time and post pictures that are a bit risque, but I don’t because there are boys and girls that look up to us. I take that into consideration and I don’t think so at all. I think she’s given MMA a bad name in general. She’s kind of a shit talker, and a lot of the time she can’t back it up, which is embarrassing to me. Sometimes I wanna talk trash, but then I’m like ‘ooh, it’s MMA, anything can happen.’ I’m not gonna talk trash in this fight and get spinning heel kicked and look like an [idiot]”

Of course, Evans-Smith would go on to take criticism for posting seemingly raunchy social media posts of her own following the original statement. Now Rawlings has come forward with a photo from their recent fight and a message of her own in response to Evans-Smith’s recent statement.

Check it out below:

“Raunchy or nah?”

Raunchy or nah? ??‍♀️

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