Video: The Worst Cut In MMA History Just Happened [Warning — Graphic]

This MMA fighter appears to have sustained what my be one of the worst cuts ever suffered by a competitor inside the cage.

Mixed martial arts is a demanding sport. In order to compete at the highest level, fighters are required to train both their bodies and their minds to peak condition. Beyond that, even when performing with great technique and form inside the cage, fighters can still get severely inured.

MMA promotion Cage Warriors hosted a series of fight on Saturday, April 28 from inside the Lisebergshallen arena in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event, Cage Warriors 93, featured a welterweight match up between Jack Mason and Hakon Foss.

Mason suffered a swift loss to his opponent, after Foss dished out a devastating knee to the head of the fighter. Mason’s forehead split open from the blasting force of the strike, leading to a seriously devastating head wound.

Check it out above.

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