A Really Good Fake Darren Till Just Called Into The Michael Bisping Podcast

Poised to be one of the next big stars of the UFC, Liverpool’s Darren Till is coming in hot through the UFC’s welterweight rankings, just taking out the #1 ranked Thompson in last weekend’s Liverpool main event.

The unbeaten Till is eerily reminiscent of an early Conor McGregor too, and has a nation at his side as well.

While Till’s star power is still incredibly young and in need of growth, he’s gotten big enough to garner the personal attention of the 27 time BJJ world champion and P4P best fighter in the world, Renato Laranja.

Laranja, who is a legend in his own right, and known to MMA fans around the world, just called in to Michael Bisping’s ‘Believe You Me’ Podcast and pretended to be Darren Till.

The result is hilarious!

Here’s the clip: