An Update On The UFC’s Toughest Little Fighter

Former UFC flyweight title challenger Ray Borg is experience a terrible burden as a parent. The fighter’s newborn baby has been experiencing medical issues as of later. Following multiple medical procedures, it would appear that the child is now doing better.

Borg’s child has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. The condition caused cerebrospinal fluid to build up in the brain. Consequently, babies suffering from the condition may experience a rapid increase in head size.

The baby has since undergone two brain surgeries and was connected to an an EEG machine. The child was later medicated after suffering seizures. Ray Borg has now taken to social media to reveal that the child’s health is now improving.

Check it out below:

“Seizures slowed down, mask came off, and I got to hold my boy today. It’s been a great day.”

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