Dillon Danis Doesn’t Care, Chomps Back At Chumps Al Iaquinta And Michael Bisping

After stopping his Bellator opponent in round 1 of his professional MMA debut, Conor McGregor teammate Dillon Danis is brimming with confidence.

Taking a page out of McGregor’s book, Danis took to the post fight microphone, called the entire Bellator roster bums, and tried picking a fight with Ben Askren in the process.

This hasn’t blown over well with everyone, most notably Michael Bisping and Al Iaquinta, who have publicly taken issue with Danis’ attitude.

But Danis on the other hand, seems to be relishing in his fighting peer attention, because he doesn’t hesitate to chomp back at any and all of his haters.

Here’s the two most recent exchanges:

and they said inverting in mma doesn’t work…

Would love to see chandler invert this fucking putts

haters gon hate

And then Bisping:

easy sub