“Got Pretty High Today”

It would appear that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor AJ Agazarm has decided to take to social media to share a moment he experienced with mixed martial arts veteran and UFC superstar Nick Diaz. Now the published photo is making its way around the internet.

Nick Diaz is a fighting phenom. The Stockton native has competed against some of the sport’s toughest and most talented fighters during his career, having been involved in some of MMA history’s most intense battles along the way.

Naturally, getting a chance to train with the former WEC and former Strikeforce champion would be a dream come true for most athletes. BJJ’s AJ Agazarm seemingly spent a day hiking with the fighter, offering fight fans a look at their workout session.

Offering fans a glimpse into the experience, Agazarm recently took to Twitter to offer a photo of himself alongside Diaz on a hill top. Perhaps referencing Diaz’s vocal advocacy of cannabis use, Agazarm stated “Got pretty… High Today….”

Check it out below:

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