GSP Confessing To Poisoning Nick Diaz Gets A Remix — You’re Welcome

Former two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre faced off against mixed martial arts phenom Nick Diaz back at UFC 158, ultimately earning a unanimous decision victory over the fighter. Diaz has since come forward to claim that St-Pierre placed something in his IV ahead of the fight.

Speaking with longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, St-Pierre sardonically made light of the accusation by jokingly confessing to poisoning his opponent. Check out the fighter’s full statement down below:

“They said that I took steroids when I fought [Nick], I messed up my wraps, I didn’t make weight, and I put something in his IV. . .” St-Pierre said. “I gotta confess, Joe. I gotta confess. I was so scared of fighting Nick Diaz so we poisoned his IV. But he survived so I was even more terrified, so all the athletic commission was on my payroll so they tricked the weigh-in and I made it. But he went through [with the fight] so I was even more terrified, so the alien abducted me and put the gamma rays to increase my strength like the Hulk, like a performance enhancing drug. But the fight was still happening so right before I put some glass and cement in my gloves to make sure, and I still had a crazy hard fight. [Laughs].”

Well, the statement has since received a song remix. Check it out within the video above.

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