Nick Diaz Wages War On Anyone Trying To Get His Brother Nate To Fight GSP, Issues Dark Threat

Who is ready to be slapped on sight?

That’s what UFC mega-star Nick Diaz is promising to anybody who is trying to put together the Nate Diaz vs. GSP fight.

Nick, who already fought and lost to GSP, isn’t too hot on the prospect of his younger brother repeating history.

And despite UFC president Dana White publicly stating that he’s working on this fight to go down at UFC 227, the older Diaz brother isn’t ready to sign off on the idea.

Taking to his Instagram story, Nick put the world on notice, stating, “Gonna slap the shit out of anyone who try’s to make this fight. So bitch made I don’t even think GSP said anything but he can get slapped up on sight [too] if he did.”

Here’s Nick’s original post: