Team Alpha Male’s Josh Emmett Dives Deep On Horrific Injuries Caused By Jeremy Stephens K.O.

UFC featherweight Josh Emmett suffered a tough loss in his latest octagon performance. However, the fight’s ending did not go without its controversy. Now Emmett has come forward to reveal the details concerning injuries sustained from the brutal octagon war.

Team Alpha Male’s Josh Emmett went toe-to-toe with Jeremy Stephens back at UFC on FOX 28. The two put on a stunning show for the crowd, scrapping it out with a series of brutal exchanges.

In the second round, Stephens landed a series of shots on Emmett that some have speculated as having been illegal shots to a downed opponent. At any rate, the fight was called to a stop and Stephens was granted a second round knockout victory.

Speaking on a recent edition of The MMA Hour, Josh Emmett revealed that he was not given a full diagnosis during his immediate hospital visit following the knockout defeat. The fighter’s wife later elected to take Emmett to the emergency room.

Emmett was then rushed to surgery, where the fighter had multiple previously unidentified breaks realigned in his face. Check out the fighter’s full telling of the incident within the video below:

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