Team GSP Breaks Their Silence On Proposed Nate Diaz Fight

UFC President Dana White dropped a bombshell of a mega-fight announcement this week, when he confirmed with the UFC Undisputed Podcast that he’s currently working on a lightweight fight between Nate Diaz and GSP, for the UFC 227 co-main event.

Now, in a new interview with Submission Radio, camp insider Kenny Florian passes on some second hand information after talking with GSP’s crew about the Diaz fight.

Here’s Florian’s scoop:

“I haven’t confirmed that with anyone in their camp. When I did bring it up to one of the coaches in that camp they seemed to be surprised and unaware about that news.”

“The Nate Diaz fight, they weren’t really aware of it. And again, maybe they’re out of the loop, but my understanding is that they were taken by surprise and they didn’t really know that was the fight that Georges was targeting or even wanted.”

“No matter what weight class, whether it’s 155-pounds or 170, Georges will have a significant size and strength advantage. So that is a tough fight for Nate. I would have to favour Georges St Pierre in that fight.”

“It does make sense. Not to say they wouldn’t make a whole lot of money in that fight between GSP and Nate Diaz, but a fight against Conor McGregor is certainly at a different level.”