USADA To Honor Cris Cyborg As One Of The UFC’s Most Clean Athletes

In an odd turn of events, UFC female featherweight world champion Cris Cyborg is among 19 UFC fighters to be honored by USADA for exemplary results in their drug testing pool.

USADA announced this week that they will be honoring UFC fighters who have passed at least 25 drug tests straight, and among them is Cyborg.

In a prepared release, USADA revealed the names of their first round of honorees.

Check it out: (Names accompanied by how many drug tests performed)
Holly Holm (35)
Cris Cyborg (33)
Alvarez (32)
Vitor Belfort (32)
Daniel Cormier (30)
dos Anjos (30)
Miocic (28)
Robbie Lawler (27)
T.J. Dillashaw (27)
Conor McGregor (27)
Edson Barboza (27)
Dominick Cruz (27)
Fabricio Werdum (27)
Frankie Edgar (27)
Torres (26)
Stephen Thomson (25)
Tyron Woodley (25)
Dustin Poirier (25)
Johny Hendricks (25