Tim Kennedy Water Boards Himself To Prove It’s Not Torture

Former UFC middleweight contender and decorate military veteran Tim Kennedy has come forward with a video featuring himself being water boarded. Now the footage is making its way around the internet.

Tim Kennedy is not only a veteran of mixed martial arts. The fighting phenom is a Green Beret Special Forces operative and sniper. Kennedy served multiple deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Kennedy would go on to earn the Bronze Star Medal with V device for valor under fire.

Now the former UFC contender has taken to Twitter to attempt to prove that water boarding is not torture.

“We did this yesterday for almost 45 minutes. The average pour was anywhere from 10 to 60 sec. You can try to hold your breath but the water pools at the back of your sinuses running down your eyes and nose. Plain and simple. It’s not torture.”

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