Tyron Woodley Aims, Shoots… Brings Down Kelvin Gastelum With A Single Tweet

Tyron Woodley has come forward with a critical statement for former opponent Kelvin Gastelum. With Gastelum looking to potentially make another run within the welterweight division, Woodley is firing back at the fighter.

UFC middleweight contender Kelvin Gastelum once made a run in the welterweight division. The fighter went toe-to-toe with now reigning champion Tyron Woodley back at UFC 183, before Woodley’s days as the UFC title holder.

Gastelum missed weight for the event, but Woodley accepted the fight all the same. In the end, Woodley earned a split decision victory over his opponent.

Gastelum is now making his way up the middleweight rankings, as the fighter is now set to face off against tough contender Ronaldo Souza at UFC 224 on May 12. With that in mind, Gastelum recently revealed that he is interested in potentially sizing back down to 170 pounds to make a run for Woodley’s title.

Taking to Twitter, Woodley had the following to say on the matter:

“WTF has I sport turned to. Only thing he won was the eating contest the day before.”

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