UFC Star Brian Ortega Arrested On Mistaken Identity

Undefeated UFC featherweight Brian Ortega is currently gearing up for a shot at the title. That being said, the fighter momentarily found himself in the back of a police car recently.

Taking to social media, Ortega has provided details on a recent incident. The fighter attempted to help a group he believed to be involved in a car crash.

The fighter later determined that the group was simply intoxicated, with a fight between the group breaking shortly after. Ortega helped calm the individuals involved in the scrap, but was allegedly arrested by police for mistaken identity.

The police allegedly believed Ortega was the individual that began the fight. The individual responsible for beginning the altercation had already fled the scene, Ortega claimed.

“Man, some craziness just happened right now. They just barely let me go. Confused identity.”

“Long story short, there was a guy laying down. I thought it was a car accident. There was some drama, because some drunk people. Then, they ended up fighting and I ended up helping stop the fighting.

“Then they left. Then the cops said I was the guy fighting and then put me in the back of the car, as if I was the criminal. Then they messed with me and I told them who I was and they messed with me even more, because it was fighting. Then, they let me go so it was cool.”

“The only thing that did kind of get me a little bit upset was they just huddled and kept talking, kept flashing a light at me and kept talking and talking and then flashing the light at me again. Then they just opened the door and let me go.”

Check out Ortega’s full telling of the situation within the video above.

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