Al Iaquinta Wants To Know How Josh Barnett Got The UFC To Release Him

UFC lightweight contender Al Iaquinta often speaks his mind. Now the fighter has come forward with a question for former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett.

Josh Barnett recently completed a lengthy arbitration with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Barnett was flagged for a failed drug test, in which Barnett managed to successfully have the suspension reduced to a reprimand.

Still, Barnett would go on to request that he be relieved from his UFC contract following the incident. The fighter cited a distrust in USADA following the case.

Taking to Twitter, Al Iaquinta has revealed that he would like to know how Barnett managed to secure his release from the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion.

“I have formally left the UFC.”

“How? Asking for a friend.”

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