Andrea “KGB” Lee Issues Statement On Husband’s Racially Charged Tattoo Controversy

Andrea Lee earned a unanimous decision over Veronica Macedo in her big octagon debut back at UFC Fight Night 129. That being said, the former LFA women’s flyweight champion is now making headlines for something outside of the cage.

Andrea Lee is married to coach Donny Aaron. Aaron has been taking over the internet as of late for a series of tattoos.

Fight fans have been passing around photos of Aaron having controversial tattoos featuring a swastika and the SS bolts. The swastika is a symbol often found in eastern philosophy, but was not made famous until the symbol was adopted by the German Nazi party. The SS bolts were a symbol of the Schutzstaffel, a paramilitary group of Nazi Germany.

Photos of the controversial tattoos may be seen below:

Donny Aaron formerly addressed a fight fan’s question concerning his tattoos in a social media message that his since resurfaced to the internet.

Now Andrea Lee has decide to fire back at her fight fans with a response to the recent controversy. Taking to social media, Lee decided to tell her fans to “get over yourselves” before calling them “sensitive ass mofos.”

Check it out below:

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