Brock Lesnar Made His MMA Debut 11 Years Ago Today — Relive The Magic

Brock Lesnar is a highly talented athlete. A former NCAA Division 1 heavyweight champion and a former player for the Minnesota Vikings, Lesnar has done it all.

While Lesnar is now back inside the ring as a WWE superstar, the highly popular professional wrestler once took a break from his WWE days to compete within the sport of mixed martial arts. Lesnar would go on to become a UFC heavyweight champion before eventually losing the title and being suspended from the octagon for a failed drug test.

Before any of that, however, Lesnar made his big MMA debut inside the ring for K-1 Hero’s: Dynamite. For the match up, Lesnar went toe-to-toe with Min Soo Kim. Lesnar made short work of his opponent, ultimately earning a submission victory via punches within the first round.

Check out a replay of the exciting match up within the video below.

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