Bellator’s Big John Believes Some Of The World’s Best Fighters Reside Out Of The UFC

While the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) host some of the world’s most famous, talented and toughest mixed martial artists, longtime MMA referee veteran John McCarthy hardly believes the UFC has monopolized the sport’s top talent.

John McCarthy often answers fans questions over social media, offering his years of experience as a top level MMA referee to those that ask. This time around, a fight fan claimed that fighters often join the ranks of Bellator MMA when they can no longer compete in the UFC.

Well, MMA referee turned Bellator commentator John McCarthy had a few words to express on the matter over Twitter. Check it out below:

“LMAO, oh sure, kinda like CM Punk & Mike Jackson!!! Best of the best!! Look, I love the UFC & they have a bunch of great fighters, but if you think they have all the best in the world, you are sorely mistaken. There are great fighters out there that you have never heard of”

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