Jessica Eye Loses Her Cool, Cusses Out Fight Fan

UFC women’s flyweight Jessica Eye put on a victorious performance over the weekend. Still, it would appear that the mixed martial artist recently had a verbal altercation with a fight fan over the internet.

The highly anticipated fight card for UFC Fight Night 132 took place on Saturday, June 23, featuring a series of exciting match ups. Among them, Jessica Eye went toe-to-toe with Jessica-Rose Clark in a battle for division supremacy.

After going the distance, Eye earned a unanimous decision victory over her opponent. Later taking to Twitter, a fight fan revealed an interest in seeing Eye lose exclusively because of her coach.

“Lol, I wanted Jessica Eye to lose so bad solely because of her douchey coach in the background. #UFCSingapore”

Jessica Eye has since provided a heated response in defense of her coach.

“F**k you he is a incredible person you loser”

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