Cerrone’s Upcoming Opponent Just Called “Cowboy” “Old”

With “Cowboy” now gearing up for his next big match up, the fighter’s opponent has come forward with a few critical words.

UFC welterweight Donald Cerrone is currently gearing up to face off against Leon Edwards. The two will throw down at UFC Fight Night 132. The event will take place June 23 in Singapore and is set to feature a series of exciting match ups.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Leon Edwards offered his thoughts on fighting an older competitor.

“It’s not just about fighting now; it’s about talking. That’s not really my thing, but it’s what you need to do. I have to go in there and make a impression in the fight and then I’ve got to make an impression when I speak after the fight.”

“It’s gotta be the biggest fight of my career to date.”

“Cowboy is a legend of the sport and this is my first headline fight with the UFC, so it’s a very big deal. I see a win here opening the door for fights further up the rankings, that’s the plan anyway. We saw Till getting a fight in Liverpool after he beat Cerrone. I hope a win here will give the UFC a reason to get over to Birmingham again — it would be dream for me to fight in my hometown.

“This is the win that will hopefully see me get the credit I deserve. I’m on a five-fight win streak now so I think it’s about time that I get my chance against guys at the top of the division.”

“The older guys are fading out now. I’m young, I’m just 26-years-old. I think everyone else in rankings is over 30. It’s the changing of the guard for sure, and I’ve got to show that I’m a part of that new movement. That’s what I’m focused in on ahead of this fight. I’ve got to show everyone that I’m a threat in this division,” Edwards explained.

“These older heads are there for the picking now. They’ve still got the name, they’ve still got the clout, but they are maybe more beatable than they once were. They’ve had their turn at the top of the division and now it’s our turn. Everybody knows Cerrone, and by putting him away it puts me straight into that top 10.”

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