Colby Covington Issues New Warning To Tyron Woodley

Interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington and reigning champion Tyron Woodley are on a collision course set for the octagon. With that in mind, Covington has come forward with a new heated message for his seemingly eventual opponent.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Colby Covington offered a threat to the title holder.

“Tyquil, there’s nowhere else to run. There’s nowhere else to hide. What you gonna do now? No more rap albums. I know all the people hate me, but if you really want to hate me, go look on Google and try to listen to this dude rap. That’s why he’s trying to come fight. That’s why he’s begging to fight me now, because his rap album is failing. He’s got baby mamas to pay. That dude is a joke, man. His B-list acting career that goes straight to DVD, it is no more. Don’t worry, Tyquil. I’m sending you to sleep for good, motherf*cker.”

“It’s not like he’s just going out there and just saying something he believes. He’s staging and premeditating very controversial, very racial, very socially insensitive statements, and he can’t back it up. He’s talked himself into a fight with me. The problem is, when they lock this Octagon, I’m gonna unleash an ass-whooping on him that nobody has every experienced — and he can’t run. He can’t out-strike me. He can’t out-wrestle me. And anybody can get in shape, brother. You think cardio gonna beat me? Let me see you put your chin on the treadmill. Let me see the cardio of your chin, because he hasn’t been hit like I’m gonna hit him. RDA don’t possess that power.”

“I don’t see anything he says. Anything he says is fake news. He just tries to come out in the media, he’s trying to steal my spotlight. He knows I’m the real world champ. He’s got that fool’s gold at home. If he has something to say, he can say it to my face or unblock me and say it to me and let me see it, like a real man.”

“He’s a little two-pump chump. He won’t last more than two rounds.”

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