Daniel Cormier Names Jon Jones The Lance Armstrong Of Mixed Martial Arts

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former title holder Jon Jones have garnered one of the most heated rivalries in all of mixed martial arts. Now Cormier has come forward to compare his former opponent to Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong infamously had his seven Tour de France victories voided after being found guilty of long-term doping offenses. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has had his own run in with anti-doping agencies. The fighter has been stripped of his UFC championship belt a record setting total of three times.

The fighter failed a drug test for cocaine metabolites, before failing two other drug tests under the UFC. Speaking to CBS Sports, Daniel Cormier offered his thoughts on the matter.

“He doesn’t have a platform and I refuse to give him a platform. He’s a nobody. He has been suspended again. He’s mired in controversy for drug abuse. Your issues are tied to steroids, performance enhancers. You don’t get a platform when you’re like that. It’s like me glorifying Lance Armstrong.”

“[Jones] won the fight but, hey, since USADA has gotten involved with the UFC, he only fought one time. He has had four fights scheduled. So he fought Ovince [Saint Preux] and he fought me but that second one was a no contest. The Ovince fight was the only time he fought and there was no controversy surrounding it. So I’m pretty sure there was some dirty stuff going on, that’s why the test results were all jacked up in December.”

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