Dana White Has A Message To Those ‘f*cking idiot’ CM Punk Haters

Former WWE star CM Punk went toe-to-toe with fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson at UFC 225 on Saturday, June 9. Yet again, Punk suffered a lopsided defeat.

While the former professional wrestler has earned some heated criticism from fight fans and fighters alike for his performance, UFC President Dana White has come to Punk’s side. Speaking on the MMA Roasted podcast, Dana White offered his thoughts on the matter.

“A lot of people talk (expletive) about CM, well, get in there. Come on over. Have a fight and fight one of these guys. It’s easy to sit in your living room and talk (expletive). This guy was a huge star in WWE and he came over here and put it all on the line twice, man, in front of the whole world. If people can’t respect that, then they’re a (expletive) idiot.”

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