Donald Cerrone Responds To The Overwhelming Calls For His Retirement

Mixed martial arts veteran Donald Cerrone suffered a tough loss over the weekend. Following the fighter’s performance, some fight fans have been calling for “Cowboy” to retire. Now the UFC welterweight has come forward with a few words of his own.

Donald Cerrone faced off against Leon Edwards for the main event of UFC Fight Night 132 on Saturday, June 23, from within Singapore. The two fighters went the distance, with Edwards ultimately earning a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

Taking to Twitter after the fight, Cerrone revealed that he is hardly down for the count following his recent loss.

“‘I love my Job!’ Win or lose I fight with all my Heart and “Live a life worth Living “ @ Edgewood, New Mexico”

A fan, however, quickly responded to the message by stating, “might be time to hang em up soon. Legend.”

Firing back to the message, Cerrone assured that he has no plans to retire any time soon.

“No sir.” Cerrone said. “That’s a super hell no.”

The message can be seen within the screen cap provided below:

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