First The UFC, Then Her Fight Team, Now Facebook’s Had Enough With Magana Too

Mixed martial artist Angela Magana appears to be having some issues over social media after submitting a message with profane language. Now the fighter has taken to the internet to voice her thoughts on the matter.

Angela Magana once competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After suffering three consecutive losses and having never earned a victory inside the octagon, the fighter was cut from her UFC contract.

Prior to being cut, Magana formed a rivalry with now reigning UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg after taking a social media trash-talking campaign against the fighter. Cyborg would go on to strike Magana in the face at the 2017 UFC fighters’ summit, with Magana initially electing to press charges.

Magana went on to claim that Cyborg should be deported by to Brazil over the incident, drawing the ire of ONE heavyweight Champion and founder of Alliance MMA Brandon Vera. Vera went on to claim that Magana is no longer welcome at Alliance MMA.

Now taking to Twitter, Angela Magana has revealed that Facebook recently removed one of her social media messages from the public platform. Check it out below:

“I was reported on FB… or are FB cops on full duty??! ! Wow! Hahahahaha. Grown ass males can be abusive to me and when I respond with “tu mama p**ito” thats well, unmoral and against rules. When were we not allowed to cuss? Sick of safe places and p**sies.”

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