Floyd Mayweather Flaunts New “Billionaire Watch”

While Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be retired from the sport of boxing, the undefeated pugilist legend is showing now signs of slowing down in his leisure. Now the former champion has taken to the internet to show off a dazzlingly expensive new watch.

Mayweather Jr. has not stepped inside the squared circle since back in 2017. The undefeated pugilist went toe-to-toe with UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a boxing match pay-per-view that many thought would rival Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

While the match failed to quite reach those staggeringly high PPV numbers, Mayweather and McGregor still managed to each walk away with massive totals from their match ups. Now Floyd Mayweather Jr. has come forward over social media to share a short video on his latest purchase.

Mayweather has bought a “billionaire watch” for a massive total of $18 million. Check it out below:

“This my new timepiece, it’s called ‘The Billionaire Watch’. If you don’t know about it, google Billionaire Watch. That’s $18 Million on the price tag. I bought this watch from the best jeweler in the world, hands down @tadashi1980.

“He has better prices than any other jeweler that I’ve ever done business with ever and trust me, I’ve bought jewelry from every jeweler in NYC, Vegas, LA, Detroit, Houston and Miami. From here on out I’m only buying from @tadashi1980 fire your jeweler and hire @tadashi1980 Follow his page now.”

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