Gastelum Breaks His Silence On Recent Dana White Criticism

Kelvin Gastelum was allegedly at UFC 225 on Chicago on June 9 as a possible fill in for Yoel Romero, as the “Soldier of God” failed to make weight. However, Gastelum never took the fighter’s place.

Speaking at the UFC 225 Post-Fight Press Conference, UFC President Dana White claimed that “personal issues” kept Gastelum from fighting for a title. Now Gastelum has come forward with his own explanation on the situation.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Gastelum offered his thoughts.

“I was dumbfounded. Because I don’t know where those comments are coming from. I just figured he was upset over me not taking the fight a day-and-a-half before.”

“My manager was negotiating money to get from that. I wasn’t gonna be doing it for free. That fell through. So they told me that’s not happening.”

“I looked down at my belly and I’m like, ‘No, I don’t think I can do this in a day and a half.’ In a day and a half’s notice while I’ve been out drinking and eating, I probably would have been in the hospital if I would have tried that.”

“I thought Romero would have been getting the nod, but obviously he didn’t. And selfishly I thought, I was hoping they’d give it to Whittaker. Just because Romero had missed weight, he wouldn’t have been getting the belt and then it just would have created this whole scenario where I’m definitely not getting the next shot. It just wouldn’t be a position where I would be fighting for a title any time soon.”

“I would love to sit down and see what those comments are about. I just haven’t reached out to him about it. Eventually, I want to sit down with him and talk to him and meet with him and see what the future holds.”

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