Michael Bisping “Too Embarrassed” To Ask The UFC For His Hall-Of-Fame Induction

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has called an end to his illustrious career within the sport of mixed martial arts. Now the fighter has come forward with his thoughts on a possible induction into the UFC Hall of Fame.

“The Count” has put on storied career over the years. Since announcing his retirement, Bisping has been showered with praise from fight fans around the world.

Speaking to MMAnytt.com, Michael Bisping revealed that he feels deserving of placement within the UFC Hall of Fame. However, the former champion has no intentions of asking for the position.

“It’s not something I’m campaigning for or anything like that. That’s not something you campaign for. That’s embarrassing. It’s up to the UFC to recognize that. I’d like to think so, I’ve put the work in and I think I deserve it but that’s down to the UFC.”

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