GSP’s Coach Is Lobbying For GSP vs. Floyd Mayweather Super Fight

Former two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has not competed inside the octagon since earning the middleweight title back at UFC 217. Since then, the French-Canadian fighting phenom has vacated his title after being stricken with colitis.

That being said, the fighter’s head coach Firas Zahabi is now campaigning for St-Pierre to jump to the world of boxing to challenge Floyd Mayweather Jr. Speaking on the JRE MMA Show, Zahabi revealed his thoughts on the matter.

“I want Georges to fight Mayweather. I keep bothering Georges ‘you fight Mayweather, you fight him’. He’s like ‘it’s crazy’. I know it’s crazy.”

“They’ll fight at a catch weight. Do you think Mayweather is worried about being concussed? He’s fought all the top punchers in the world. He’s just going to have to worry about Georges’ volume and reach but he can handle himself and Georges can handle himself. But the whole world is going to tune into that one.”

“I’m like ‘Georges do it’ but Georges doesn’t want to fight a smaller guy, doesn’t want to call out a smaller guy. So it’s going to have to come from Mayweather. It’s going to have to come from him.”

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