He’s Done It! Derrick “Black Beast” Lewis Just Broke The UFC Punching Machine Record

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis is gearing up to take on fellow knockout artist Francis Ngannou in his next highly anticipated octagon performance. While the UFC may promote Ngannou has having the most powerful recorded punch, “The Black Beast” just broke the UFC punching machine record.

Francis Ngannou was recorded by the UFC Performance Institute as reportedly having the most powerful punch ever recorded. UFC President Dana White compared being punched by Ngannou to being hit by a Ford Escort at full speed.

Meanwhile, Derrick Lewis recently paid the UFC Tonight crew a visit. Featured on the night’s FOX show, Lewis was offered a chance to make his way onto the leader boards of the set’s punching machine.

Lewis managed to beat UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier out of first place for the new record. Check it out within the video above.

Lewis and Ngannou will face off at UFC 226 on July 7, live on pay-per-view.

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