“I’m going to go until UFC says, Cowboy, enough, bro.”

UFC welterweight Donald Cerrone suffered a tough unanimous decision defeat over the weekend. That being said, the mixed martial arts veteran has no intention to retire anytime soon.

“Cowboy” suffered a defeat to Leon Edwards in the main event of UFC Fight Night 132 on Saturday, June 23. Speaking to media within the post-fight press conference, Cerrone offered his thoughts on the future.

“I don’t think I lost any stock. I love my job more than any of you can ever imagine. I love getting in there and fighting, so winning and losing is part of this game. Of course it sucks. I only got half my check, but hey, I had fun. I really did. I had a good time.”

“He went out there and got the unanimous decision, five rounds, good for him. Congratulations. I’m still looking to fight two more times this year, so if there’s anybody out there looking to fight ‘Cowboy,’ the old dog, give me a call and we can set this up.”

“I’m going to go until UFC says, ”’Cowboy,’ enough, bro. Enough, enough, enough.’ (I want to fight) at least five more years, definitely. At least. Until the UFC says, ‘No more.’”

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