Joe Riggs Just Lost Via This Nasty Knee Blow-Out | Replay

Joe Riggs put on another MMA performance on Friday. However, the fighter suffered a brutal injury that quickly brought the contest to a halt.

Joe “Diesel” Riggs is a mixed martial arts veteran. Riggs has a massive total of 47 victories to his record, having competed in the likes of the UFC, WEC and Strikeforce among others.

However, things simply did not go the fighters way on June 1. Joe Riggs went toe-to-toe with Artem Frolov at M-1 Challenge 93 on Friday, in a battle that would never make it out of the second round.

In the second round, Riggs torqued his knee and went careening into the canvas. The fighter began clutching his injured knee and was clearly in debilitating pain.

The tough injury forced Riggs to suffer a TKO loss. Check out a replay of the moment within the video above.

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