Joey Diaz Latest Public Figure To Ridicule “CW Whatever The F-k His Name Is Punk”

Former WWE star CM Punk is under quite a bit of heat from fight fans and fighters alike at the moment. The professional wrestler turned mixed martial artist suffered another lopsided loss in his latest octagon outing. Now Joe Diaz has come forward with his thoughts on the matter.

CM Punk first suffered a devastating submission loss to CM Punk in his octagon debt. Nearly two years later, Punk entered the octagon once again for UFC 225.

This time around, Punk went toe-to-toe with fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson. Jackson put on a dominant performance over his opponent, ultimately earning a unanimous decision victory.

Comedian and friend to Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz has now come forward with his thoughts on the matter. Ending his statement with “CW Punk doesn’t matter in your life,” Diaz revealed that he was not impressed with Punk’s performance but was not offended by the fight either.

Check it out above.

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