Jon Jones Wins The Internet With Reaction To Covington’s Steroid Accusations

UFC welterweight Colby Covington recently appeared on the Jim and Sam Show. During the interview, Covington made a few accusations concerning his former roommate and former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Now “Bones” Jones has fired back with a few words of his own.

Appearing on the podcast, Covington accused Jon Jones of having used performance enhancing drugs. The fighter also claimed that Jones allegedly continues to use PEDs.

“He just started doing steroids and always freaking had roid rage. He’d come home and he’d yell at me ‘oh what the f—k are you doing Colby, do the dishes’ and he would just like freak out. I would see this roid rage in his eyes and I would just be like ‘what’s your deal, man?’. Cause he was wrestling at 197 [pounds], he was a national champ in junior college and he was trying to move up and go to heavyweight. So he thought he had to do a cycle of roids and I just lost a lot of respect for him.”

“He started partying a lot. Doing Ecstasy, doing all these drugs and the rest of history. He’s been doing them since college.”

“I think a lot of people knew. He was wrecking Bentley’s that the UFC gave him, he [had] hookers in the back of his car partying, cocaine bingers all night and then he was fighting the next day five-rounders.”

“Make no mistake about it, it’s just not possible to do that at that level without putting some chemical, performance-enhancing drug in your body.”

Taking to Instagram, Jon Jones has since retaliated with a heated message for his former roommate that is now taking the internet by storm. Check it out below:

“You’re a special type of liar bro and honestly I feel sorry for you. Actually think I feel more sorry for anyone in your life who believes a word that comes out of your mouth. The way lies can just roll off your tongue is honestly impressive. You’re disgusting”

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