“The Mountain” Tired Of People Thinking He Lost, Issues Official Challenge To Conor McGregor

It wasn’t that long ago that Conor McGregor released a sparring session with Game Of Thrones star “The Mountain”.

The video went extremely viral, and showed the former UFC two weight champion getting the better of the world’s strongest man.

Over the years though, it would seem as if “The Mountain” has a bit of a chip on his shoulder over that video’s release and has inserted himself into a real life beef with Conor McGregor.

Here’s what he said: (via OffTheBall.com)

“Bring me some shorts and put us in a cage, I’ll fight again. 10 seconds,” once he got his hands on him.

“At this moment I knew I could take him down, but I didn’t want to break him.”

“He felt very light. There as well, I had him a few times. But I just didn’t want to break him.”

“He’s quick and he was very slippery as well so it was hard to get a grip on him… I was just, I wasn’t ready for this [fighting with McGregor] and I’m obviously a big guy. I was like, ‘Fuck this,’ I’m not going to run after this small guy! He’s running around, you know? I don’t have cardio for running around after small guys.”