Tyron Woodley Issues Big Money Challenge To Colby Covington

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley isn’t playing nice when it comes to his next opponent, the interim champion Colby Covington.

Instead, Woodley has repeatedly become unhinged at the thought of beating down the latest UFC antagonist, so much so that he’s just thrown out a challenge to his challenger, that would total a massive massive sum.

Here’s what Woodley said on ”The Morning Wood Show with Deez Nuts” podcast:

“I’m not gonna be nice, and I’m not gonna be talking sweet nothings about him. I’m gonna expose him and how he’s conspiring these things and writing these things out and has someone scripting it up for him. And text messages he’s sending me, ‘Hey man, you know I’m just trying to build up the fight. And I’ll see you at the end of the tunnel. I’m just trying to make money, man. This is what you did too. Don’t hate on me man, good luck in your next fight.’ I said, OK I’m not going to respond to you. You got your five minutes of fame. If you feel like that’s what you need to do, go ahead, man. I just block him and let him do it. I never responded. I never wanted to bring his name up. I never wanted to give him attention.

“Now brother you are in a position where you’re walking around with a doo-doo belt and you’re acting like it’s real. You about to get smoke.”

“I haven’t even been out a year. I don’t think any other champion has been out less than a year, who’s actually prepared to fight now, and has had an interim title fight placed in his division. I just took it with a grain of salt. Maybe now it’s actually pumping the fight up. I ain’t never wanted to f—k somebody up so bad in my life. I’m not going to lie to you.”

“In this situation, it’s a bad look. It’s a bad look for the Brazilian fighters. Because he is mostly training with Brazilian fighters in the gym [at American Top Team]. He’s all play. For him to play around with the sport to make it his game and his entertainment, it’s not cool.”

“He brought in the Trump thing because he’s fighting an African American fighter, and he knows it’s going to ruffle the feathers. He did the same thing with the Brazilians. He did the same thing when he was talking about [Michael] Bisping’s eye. The thing that he has to watch, when he starts talking about the race thing, is some people from Ferguson, Mo., without even my request, will take him off this earth. Some of this is play, but to some of them it’s real.”

“I’m gonna call him a racist because he’s racist to every nationality. He’s racist to whites, to blacks, to Brazilians..even if you’re premeditated, it’s all part of a script – I’m not willing to say certain things, I don’t [care] what it is. If it’s not in a movie and I’m not getting paid for that moment, I’m not gonna build up a fight and utilize hurtful things…I’m not gonna ruffle those feathers. He’s doing what he thinks he needs to do. He’s just got to be careful. What I’m not gonna let him do, is I’m not gonna let him get to me the way RDA did.”

“If he wants to play those types of games and that’s what he wants to do, I’m gonna challenge him. Fight me. For every time he tries to touch my leg, for every time he tries to take me down, you owe me $10,000. Let’s make a bet. I ain’t gonna try to take you down one time for the whole fight.

“You’re going to make this division great again? People want to see hands thrown. They don’t want to see wrestling and grappling. We could take it to the mat and put on a singlet if that’s what you want to do. I challenge you $10,000 every time you touch my leg or grab me and try to take me down, you owe me $10,000. We’ll see this fight end lickety-split. I might beat the knockout of Robbie [Lawler at UFC 214].”

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